Kendall Laurent is an emerging painter and multidisciplinary artist who can't make up her mind. Her work exists within a broad spectrum of artistic styles, mediums, and subjects depending on anything and nothing, although she’s most interested in the relationship between color and emotion. She graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in June 2019 with a Bachelors degree in studio art and psychology minor. Kendall has been showing her paintings in collective shows around Minneapolis since 2016 and she continues to make work at the Casket Art Building Studio #309.

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Acrylic on canvas 2020

The latest project, BODY SERIES, explores the relationship between physical form and the natural boundaries of a canvas, and how these confines parallel with the experience of being alone in quarantine during the 2020 pandemic. These abstract figures are rendered with stylistic bold line and color blocking encapsulated in void spaces, drawing attention to body motion and position. Her series brings into question the mental and physical repercussions of isolation on the human psyche: what does a body do within four walls? Within four edges of a canvas? See more paintings in this series under the portfolio tab.



Artist Biography:

Kendall is a painter and multidisciplinary artist who uses vibrant, saturated colors in her paintings depicting bodies in spaces with both realistic form from a first person perspective, and abstract form emphasizing color blocking. Her work focuses on painting her experiences of being alone. Her work also includes endeavors in abstract renderings of original photographs and various portraits and sketches often in watercolor or gouache. Kendall completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in 2019. Her work has been shown at numerous locations in the metro area, including the Regis Center of Art, Coffman Memorial Union, the AHA! Gallery hosted by The Feminist Ambassador Brigade, and most notably, the Paul Whitney Larson Gallery in St. Paul. Her work can also be seen in various local and international art and literary magazines like The Tower and Selah.

Kendall is from a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to Minneapolis in 2015 to study art. Through her undergraduate years at the University of Minnesota, she combined her passions for teaching and painting while working at Painting with a Twist, where she lead painting classes for beginners. Throughout college and after she graduated in 2019, she also worked for the University of Minnesota Student Union Arts & Culture Committee hosting live painting events biannually. At the end of 2020, Kendall established herself at the Casket Arts Building in a shared studio in addition to her work as a Framing Specialist & Designer at Posters on Board. She makes paintings to investigate and uncover the relationship between her consciousness and her body, further exploring her physical and mental presence in the world.



Casket Arts Building
681 17th Ave NE, Studio #309 
Minneapolis, MN 55413

(414) 687-6460

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All artwork photographs included on this website shot by Karlee Onstad Photography, Brooks Geenen, or Kendall Laurent. For further specification, please send an email inquiry.